English Language Courses

English is becoming more popular in many sectors in Nepal lately. In most of the private companies, English is the basic medium of communication at workplace. Most of the schools use English as a medium of teaching and learning. Being an international language, English proficiency is regarded as a mandatory skill of an individual seeking lucrative career.

As the importance of learning English is ever increasing, new methods of teaching and learning English as a foreign language are being adopted by the language trainers. At different professional levels, the demand of English courses is also changing. ACIE offers a variety of English courses for prospective students.

General English Course

This course is facilitated at different levels. Students are required to sit for a proficiency test prior to their enrolments in the course. The following are the levels in the ascending order.

  • Pre-basic Level
  • Basic Level
  • Pre-intermediate Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Upper Intermediate Level
  • Pre-advanced Level

Advanced Level

The length of the course for each level is thirty six hours. New classes begin on every Monday. Every session is for an hour a day and classes are conducted from 7 AM to 7 PM, Sunday to Friday.

Business English

Globalization has opened international business opportunities for business people today. The way we used to run our businesses needs significant improvement in various ways so as to sustain and coexist in the global trade. One of the aspects needed to be considered is effective communication in business settings.

Business English course at ACIE trains students to use English appropriately and effectively in business settings. Students in this course can learn common business expressions, improve business vocabulary, write reports and carry out business presentations.

The course deals with the following major aspects of business communication:

  • Formal and informal communication
  • Letters, faxes and memos
  • Summaries, notes, short reports
  • International trade: writing international business correspondence
  • Dealing with business problems: complaining and apologizing
  • Customer care
  • Visitors and Travelers
  • Marketing strategies: Making business presentation
  • Business meeting skills
  • Processes and operations
  • Job applications and recruitment
  • Promotion strategies
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Business report writing
  • Project planning

Business English course can be designed and conducted as per the requirement of students. Intermediate level of English proficiency is required to enroll in this course. The length of Business English course is thirty six hours.

English for Travelers

This is a special course designed to teach colloquial forms of English to travelers. The course deals with common expressions and basic vocabulary needed for individuals who intend to visit foreign countries for a short period.

Academic English

Courses on Academic English are carried out in three different levels:

  • English in Academic Settings
  • Developing a Research Proposal
  • Dissertation Writing

Academic English course is designed to address the academic needs of Nepalese students who are going to universities or colleges in western educational systems. English in Academic Settings is an intensive course that prepares the foreign education students with the skills such as writing academic essays, designing and working together for group projects, carrying out individual research projects and performing effective presentations. During this course, students develop an understanding of academic expectations of the institutions in English speaking countries. In addition, students prepare themselves with the skills to study in a high standard educational institution abroad and learn advanced skills for academic success.

In addition, this course can be useful for undergraduate students studying in private colleges in Nepal where students are also required, as a part of their assessment, to write reviews of scholarly papers, conduct group projects, develop a portfolio of learning and present their research papers in symposiums.

For more information on Academic English courses, please refer to the brochure “Academic Writing”.

General Language Course Formats

Language Training for Specific Purposes

We have various types of language packages that are designed according to the demand of students from diverse backgrounds and needs.


  • Business Communication
  • English for Travelers
  • English for Visa Interviewee
  • English for Trekking Guides