Flag_of_ChinaChina is now offering internship/study program open to all foreigners who want to study and explore one of the most powerful countries in the world. Learn from great Chinese instructors, study Chinese language and culture and have a better and deep understating towards China and the Chinese.

Abroad China’s Summer Internship Program is open to all individuals from any country. Applicant must have obtained or currently pursuing an undergraduate degree (BA/BS or equivalent) from an accredited university. Applicant who can’t speak Chinese is welcome to apply however he/she must know how to speak English.

The internship program will run for three months. Interns will stay in a dormitory or hotel while enrolled in the said program.

There are three Intern program available:

1. Intern Only Option- This choice is for interns who will focus on work and not intend to take Chinese Language course. Students will be deployed in an international company in one of the three fields chosen.

– Intern work Hours: Minimum of 32 hours per week- Monday to Thursday
– Stipend: RMB50 per day or more

2. Intern/Study Option- This program both enables the student to learn more about China while they work and study. The work and study program will definitely teach the students about Chinese culture, language, Chinese attitude and other important lessons.

– Intern work hours: 24 hours per week Tuesdays-Thursdays
– Language course hours: 6 hours per week Monday and Friday.

3. Language Study Only (Beijing Only)- This is for students who wants to learn the Chinese language only.
– Language course: 20 hours per week Monday-Friday.

Program Features:

• Internship with stipend (except study only option)*
• Accommodations**
• Visa application assistance (US only)
• Airport pick-up/drop-off in China
• Welcome Package (cell phone, map, business cards, etc.)
• China Orientation and welcome dinner
• City Orientation
• One networking event and one cultural event
• Travel assistance
• Call center support
• Chinese language study (Internship/Study option or Language Study Option)
• Weekend Trip For more details about each service, see Our Services Section.