Recently, in a number of high-cost communities, community organizers and citizens have successfully argued that the prevailing wage offered by the public sector and key businesses should reflect a wage rate required to meet minimum standards of living. There are limited opportunities for scholarships and financial available to international students in the US. List of scholarships, grants, and other financial aid sources for international students are available at the following webpage: Financial Aid and Scholarships for International Students. Students are encouraged to research other funding opportunities as well.

Academic scholarships for international students at American University are extremely competitive and very limited.  Please see the AU Financial Aid website if you think you qualify. Food is also less of a worry, because on-campus students either have kitchen facilities, or may select a university meal plan.

Why USA?

One of the highest selling points of American education is perhaps its worldwide reputation of commitment to excellence.

Funding and grants for most research projects at the university are obtained from either the federal government or reputed multinational corporations in the industry.

The US education system offers a kind of flexibility in terms of the courses that are offered, which enables you select your choice of subject from a variety of topics.

Availability of financial aid is another major incentive for international students to opt for higher education in the US.

On completion of your degree, you are legally authorized to work in the US in your related field for about a year. Once your employer grants your H1-B, you are allowed to work in the US without returning to your home country.


The United States has more than 4000 accredited colleges and universities renowned for quality, numerous programs of study, and flexibility to change fields of study and schools. The wide range of tuition and living costs makes the United States affordable for hundreds of thousands of international students each year.

More students who pursue higher education outside their home country choose an American university than other universities around the world. Almost 800,000 international students are enrolled in US colleges and universities.